Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gardens Misty Wet With Rain

It is Sunday morning and i am listening to Nocturnes and La Mer by Debussy.It is my only Debussy CD.I bought it in 'Help The Aged' for £1.49 (See picture).I bought it because Van Morrison mentions Debussy in his song 'On Hyndford Street'

And tuning in to Luxembourg late at night
And Jazz and Blues records during the day
Also Debussy on the Third Programme
Early mornings when contemplation was best.
I wanted to check it out.I must say it is rather good.I looked on youtube for more Debussy and found a piece called Gardens In The Rain.It is a wonderful piece of music written for piano and i urge you to listen to it. Gardens in the rain is an image that often crops up in Vans lyrics.Sweet Thing,In The Garden, Cold Wind In August,When The Leaves Come Falling Down spring to mind where Van uses the imagery of Gardens In The rain.But what inspired him to come up with this image?.Was it listening to Debussy?I don't know,it was just an idea and a good excuse to listen to some nice music.

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